Proposal for "HTML_Template_IT2"

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  • Status: Draft
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HTML_Template_IT2 will be the successor to HTML_Template_IT.

Changes from HTML_Template_IT:
  1. Adds PHP5 support, while dropping support for PHP4
  2. Changes error behaviour to throw exceptions
  3. Utilizes namespaces
  4. Adds a template caching feature that greatly reduces page generation time
  5. Adds an alternative interface which is more intuitive and easy to use
  6. Removes the "__global__" special value, and replaces it with a constant
  7. Reworks the "template-within-template" feature to make it simpler
  8. Heavily reduces the use of regular expressions, with the hope of significant speedups

Important Non-Changes:
  1. Retains the functionality of HTML_Template_IT
  2. Where possible, it is intended that code that uses HTML_Template_IT should remain working with HTML_Template_IT2
  3. Where not possible, has flags to mimic HTML_Template_IT behaviour where required
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  • PHP 5.0.0
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  • First Draft: 2010-06-07