Proposal for "Services_RackCloud"

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  • Category: Web Services
  • Proposer: Josh Kendall 
  • License: BSD Style
  • Status: Proposed
» Description
A PHP5 interface to the Rackspace Cloud's cloud server API. Every API call currently documented in their Cloud Server API is included. This means you can do everything from listing all of your cloud servers to creating and deleting servers programmatically.
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  • PHP >= 5.2.6
  • HTTP_Request2
  • JSON extension
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  • First Draft: 2010-05-18
  • Proposal: 2010-05-18
  • Josh Kendall
    [2010-05-19 03:49 UTC]

    Updated the code to use HTTP_Request2 instead of the cURL library and converted the private methods over to protected methods.
  • Josh Kendall
    [2010-05-19 15:38 UTC]

    Per suggestions in the comments I've updated the code to allow Services_RackCloud::setFormat() to accept JSON, XML, Object, and Array as valid formats. If JSON or XML are used the response will be a string (useful for variety of projects such as those using Flash as a frontend). Object returns an object containing an array of objects, and Array returns a multidimensional array.

    The example.phps file has been updated to reference these changes.

    I've also updated the comment for Services_RackCloud::setFormat() as it incorrectly suggested that the format set was the format to be used for responses and requests, where it's actually only the response format. All requests are sent as JSON, hence the reason why the JSON extension is still a required dependency.
  • Josh Kendall
    [2010-05-20 18:48 UTC]

    Added a link to the GitHub repository.