Proposal for "Lowercase namespace/package names in PEAR2"

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  • Status: Draft
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With the introduction of namespaces we have the challenge of determining what part of a fully-qualified package name is the namespace and what is the class. This becomes a larger issue when you try to instantiate what is only a namespace.

To help with this issue, I am proposing we move to lowercase characters to signify what is part of the full name is the namespace/package name, and what part is the object.

These examples are written assuming RFC #549 passes:

The Text_Diff package in PEAR becomes pear2::text_diff. The class Text_Diff becomes pear2::text_diff::Diff.

The Text_CAPTCHA package in PEAR becomes pear2::text_captcha. The class Text_CAPTCHA becomes pear2::text_captcha::CAPTCHA.
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  • First Draft: 2008-04-13