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These classes can create a clieop03 file for you which you can send to a Dutch Bank. Ofcourse you need also a Dutch bank account.

Status: 0.2.0 (beta) released on 2010-10-24
License: BSD Style
Maintained: Yes
Open Bugs: none

Creates and reads DTA and DTAZV files containing money transaction data (Germany).

Status: 1.4.3 (stable) released on 2012-06-12
License: BSD style
Maintained: Yes
Open Bugs: 2

PHP client to Brazilian payment gateway PagamentoCerto

Status: 0.2.3 (alpha) released on 2010-03-04
License: LGPL
Maintained: No
Open Bugs: none

PayPal SOAP API client

Status: 0.5.0 (beta) released on 2012-03-13
License: MIT
Maintained: Yes
Open Bugs: 1

Unified payment processor

Status: 0.6.8 (beta) released on 2010-10-25
License: BSD License
Maintained: Yes
Open Bugs: 12

A PHP5 Payment process API

Status: 0.3.1 (alpha) released on 2010-10-25
License: BSD Style
Maintained: Yes
Open Bugs: 4

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