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PHP library to parse and generate "Extensible Resource Descriptor" (XRD) files LGPL
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0.2.2 (alpha) was released on 2012-02-21 (Changelog)
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pear install XML_XRD

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php pyrus.phar install pear/XML_XRD

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» Description
PHP library to parse and generate "Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) Version 1.0" files.

XRD files are used for ".well-known/host-meta" files as standardized in
"RFC 6415: Web Host Metadata", as well as in the
"LRDD (Link-based Resource Descriptor Discovery)" files linked from it.

The LRDD XRD files can be used to discover information about users by just their
e-mail address, e.g. the OpenID provider.
This is the foundation of Webfinger, which lets people use their e-mail address
to do OpenID sign in.

The XRD format supercedes the XRDS format defined in XRI 2.0, which is used in
the Yadis communications protocol.
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